Permanent exhibitions



Here you can explore the continents of the world, from the Arctic to the tropics.

Among the more than 5000 animals on display in the museum, you could meet a proboscis monkey, giant anteater, penguins, European elk and the Tasmanian devil. Skeletons and anatomical preparations reveal their anatomy.

The animals have been collected from the time of Linnaeus up until the present day. Many animals are unique, and some are extinct.

Be amazed by the incredible diversity of our planet, and discover more about the indigenous animals of Scandinavia.

The pterosaur Dorygnathus


Palaeontology is the study of ancient life. Animals and plants are preserved as fossils, either petrified or as imprints. These unique fossils illustrate the long history of life on Earth.

The Museum of Evolution has the largest collection of genuine dinosaur skeletons in Scandinavia, including the only specimen in the world of the long-necked dinosaur Euhelopus zdanskyi.



Minerals are the building blocks of rocks. Our historic and beautiful mineral collection, which includes meteorites, tells us about the development of the Earth and other planets in our solar system.