Research loans

Researchers at established research institutions may borrow museum specimens for scientific purposes.

How to apply for a loan

To apply for a loan, please send a letter to the Museum of Evolution, Norbyvšgen 16, 752 36 Uppsala, Sweden, or e-mail to loan@em.uu.se. The loan request should include the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Institutional affiliation
  3. A brief outline of the proposed study
  4. A list of requested material
  5. The proposed method of study (e.g., measurements, simple inspections, etc.) If destructive sampling is being requested, please note that decision concerning destructive use is made on a case-by-case basis by curatorial staff at the relevant research department.

Loan conditions

If the applicant for loan of material is a student, a letter of support from a faculty advisor must accompany the request.

Each loan is the joint responsibility of the individual borrower and his or her institution. Loans from the botanical collections are only sent to institutions listed by Index Herbariorum.

Specimens (or parts, extract, or product thereof) must not be transferred to another person or address without prior written permission from a curator at the Museum of Evolution.

DNA data from specimens at the Museum of Evolution must be made publicly available, e.g. at GenBank, and accession numbers should be reported to a relevant curator at the Museum of Evolution. The Museum of Evolution should be acknowledged in all publications, with a list of voucher/sample numbers, in relevant cases correlated to GenBank/EMBL accession numbers.

When data are published, slides and SEM mounts of specimens should be sent back to the Museum of Evolution.

Reprints of any publications resulting from the study of material obtained from the Museum of Evolution are greatly appreciated; if new taxa are described based on specimens at the Museum of Evolution, reprints are required.

No commercial use shall be made of, nor license or patent applied for, the material from the Museum of Evolution (including information or data derived from this material, e.g. photographs) without written permission from the Museum of Evolution. Publication of photographs of the borrowed material in any form requires written permission and shall clearly identify the Museum of Evolution as the source of the material.

Download loan conditions
Chamaeleon cranium
Restricted collections

Material from some of our historical collections are not open for loans. We can send digital images of specimens on request.

Algae and bryophytes

Please note that due to shortage of staff, specimens from the algal and bryophyte collections will not be available for loan from 1 March 2014. Visitors to the collections are welcome though.