Flora Uplandica, Olof Celsius' plant collection

When Carl Linnaeus as a young student visited the botanical garden in Uppsala (Rudbeck's garden) in the spring of 1729, he met Olof Celsius (16701756), a clergyman with great interest in botany. Celsius had a considerable amount of collected plants and an important library, and he soon realized that he had met a very special person in Linnaeus. Linnaeus was thus invited to stay in Celsius' house and to use the herbarium and library. They also went on joint excursions in the province of Uppland.

Celsius started to collect plants in Uppland already in the 1690's and he called his plant collection "Flora Uplandica". In 1730 the collecting process was finished and the plants assembled in six leather-bound volumes containing 711 specimens. Among these specimens there are several that Celsius and Linnaeus collected jointly, and some are even annotated by Linnaeus himself.

Flora Uplandica is regarded as one of the primary sources used by Linnaeus for his Species Plantarum, the starting point for the binomial naming of plants. It now forms a part of the botany collections at the Museum of Evolution. A second set of Flora Uplandica, presented to Queen Ulrika Eleonora (16881741), is now at the Natural History Museum in Stockholm.

Olof Celsius
Catalogue of Flora Uplandica