The 2nd Wiman Meeting on Scandinavian-Baltic Palaeontology

Carl Wiman's Legacy: 100 years of Swedish Palaeontology

One hundred years ago Carl Wiman became the first Swedish Professor of Palaeontology, and through his numerous endeavours, set the course for future palaeontological research in Sweden. Today this legacy is as strong as ever, and continues to make contributions at the forefront of research.

To commemorate this event a two day symposium took place 17 - 18 November 2011 at EBC. The arrangement was a joint venture between the Museum of Evolution, the Paleobiology programme at the Institute of Earth Sciences and the Department of Organismal Biology at the Subdepartment of Evolution and Development in Uppsala. The meeting attracted about 60 delegates from Uppsala, Stockholm, Lund, Tromsø and Oslo, presenting 22 talks and 19 posters. Abstracts from the meeting were published in a special issue of GFF.

The organizers wish to thank all participants for their contributions. We thank especially Professor emeritus Tore Frängsmyr, Department of History and Science and Ideas, who held a keynote presentation on Carl Wiman. We were also privileged to have Carl Wiman's granddaughter Görel Oscarsson attending, as well as Maria Renheim and Anders Lagrelius, grandchildren of Axel Lagrelius, and Staffan Bohlin, grandson of Birger Bohlin.

Carl Wiman
Special Issue of GFF

GFF is a quarterly English-language journal published by The Geological Society of Sweden. A special issue of GFF was published to commermorate the 100th anniversary of Carl Wimanís professorship in Palaeontology. The scope is new advances in palaeontology from the Scandinavian-Baltic region; new advances/historical reviews based on Carl Wiman's seminal work and related research areas.

Download the special issue of GFF here.